Architectural Dimensions Program Management Services

Program Management

We work directly with every phase and entity during the development of a project, whether a single project or the management of multiple ones.

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Architectural Dimensions Communication Management Services

Communication Management

We understand how important communication is to the success of a project. That’s why we have a designated team devoted to keeping everyone on the same page.

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Architectural Dimensions Construction Management Services

Construction Management

AD knows that working with contractors and consultants from the start of a project means a more cohesive, budget conscious project in the end.

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Architectural Dimensions Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management

We are experts at keeping our clients and associated parties knowledgeable and informed on the status of the project and apprised of the next steps.

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Architectural Dimensions Design Build Services

Design Build

Minimizing risks is an integral part of the life of any project. We work directly with contractors to help prevent potential risks.

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Architectural Dimensions Database Management Services

Database Management

Organization of data and documentation is important for the success of every project. That’s why we created our own proprietary software – Collage – to do just that.

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Bay Area Architecture

Oakland Architectural Services

Architectural Dimensions offers a wide variety of Architectural Services to aid in your project’s success. From traditional Architecture and design to more involved Master Planning and Design Build projects. We also offer a full team of Agency Management, Communication Management, Construction Management, Facilities Management, Program Management and Database Management experts.