Tenant Improvement Belmont, CA

New Office Building Along El Camino Real in Belmont

On an impossible site of only 6,367 sq. ft., we crafted a project to utilize off-site parking to where there are only 2 parking stalls on the site itself. Study of the surrounding neighborhood within a ¼ mile of the site showed excess parking that would fulfill the parking requirement for a 8,821 sq. ft. office building. The site is located in the City of Belmont, fronting on the major north/south arterial El Camino Real, sandwiched against the Caltrain rail corridor. Years of widening of El Camino, a state highway, has left many parcels squeezed in size that cannot provide adequate parking. The changing complexion of transportation and smart utilization of available public parking is a trend that will allow more urban density.
El Camino Real Office Building
El Camino Real Office Building
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