Top Grade Construction Architectural Dimensions

“Jim understands infrastructure work. He is more than an architect. He is a planner. He is a scheduler. He gets the entire picture and in my 49 years of being in the business, I have never met an architectural firm that understands our business better than Jim Heilbronner’s.”

Bill Gates
Top Grade Construction

 Architectural Dimensions

“Architectural Dimensions is extremely responsive to clients’ demands. Their development teams, from administrative to project management and team leaders, are extremely responsive and thorough in responding to our demands.”

Bill McDermott
Armstrong Development

 Architectural Dimensions

“We have a great relationship so far with Architectural Dimensions. Jeff, Jim and Andy have been terrific to work with… We hope to continue our relationship with Architectural Dimensions.”

Billy Boldock
Golden State Warriors

 Architectural Dimensions

“Working with Tony, Jeff, and Jim, I realize that it’s a core team that not only takes care of my interests but also makes sure that we don’t have any problems down the road.”

Holly Grywacz
LandMark Retail Group

 Architectural Dimensions

“Jim is very sharp and quickly catches on to complex issues without a lot of explanation. He has a firm grasp on logistics and is able to provide details, schedules, and plans that are easy to follow. He understands our design concerns and how to execute them. Architectural Dimensions is a professional, competent firm with excellent resources. We are really confident that Jim and his team will help us complete our project successfully and we highly recommend them.”

Lars Skugstad
Foster Interstate

 Architectural Dimensions

“I feel safe with these guys [Architectural Dimensions]. He [Jim Heilbronner] cares about the things that I care about. Jim takes a lot of time to make sure he understands me so that he is not just projecting his ideas onto my building. When I’m done talking with him, I know that he has heard me and that what he’s going draw is as close as he can to show his understanding of what I have communicated to him.”

Pastor Steve Reyes
Lighthouse Christian Church

 Architectural Dimensions

“Architectural Dimensions’ approach is practical driven. They look at what we have and ask questions what works and does not work. That is really what we need. We need an approach that is function driven but yet sustainable and works with our values.”

Thomas Odermatt
Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie

 Architectural Dimensions

“Jim was outstanding in his presentation of the issues, and breaking things down dollars and cents wise and schedule wise, and what were the issues and how they can be tackled. The Oakland Army Base is an enormously complex and difficult project, and without the project management expertise of AD, it would not have gotten anywhere.”

Pat Cashman
City of Oakland

 Architectural Dimensions

“My role on the [Oakland Army Base] project is their Rail Design Engineer Expert, essentially doing railroad. It has been a pleasure working with Architectural Dimensions, and I would enjoy the opportunity to work with them again.”

Wayne Short
HDR Engineering

 Architectural Dimensions

“Jim is a high energy guy. The coordination issues are always being talked about and so they don’t slip through the cracks and stick up to you at the end. I’m looking forward to working with Jim and Architectural Dimensions in the future and it has been great experience [working with them] on the Oakland Army Base project. It has been a big challenge and everybody on the AD team has stepped up to meet it.”

Mark Falgout
Ruggeri, Jensen, Azar & Associates

 Architectural Dimensions

“Jim has a no-nonsense style of working. He likes to come to the point quickly. He likes to get to the decision quickly. And that is something that we, contractors, appreciate a lot.”

Kavinder Singh
Turner Construction

 Architectural Dimensions

“Architectural Dimensions designs as well as knows their business and being able to push through all the entities that we need to get through like sanitation, health, and the building departments.”

James Freitas
Denica’s Real Food Kitchen

 Architectural Dimensions

“When I came over here in 2007 and the [Fox Theater] project was already well underway, and I was immediately thrown into the world of Jim Heilbronner, Architectural Dimensions, Phil Tagami, California Capital Group. It was a blast; [it] really opened my eyes to so many new things. Everybody was really great and supporting of the school. I learned so much about how the project came together and how the school will be part of it, so I felt the support throughout the whole thing and Architectural Dimensions is so great.”

Donn Harris
Oakland School for the Arts