Agency Management is a host of services Architectural Dimensions provides on every project small or large. The ever increasing regulatory environment, competition for utilities, financial shortfalls of agencies, bureaucratic confusion and exponential growth in science requires ongoing management of the agencies and their processes.

We coined the term Agency Management in a climate of myriad regulation and processes that are no longer black and white. Agencies have become an important yet unpredictable factor that dictates project schedule and cost. In addition to the standard building permit, new projects can require dozens of other agency permits, approvals, and agreements that are not always clearly delineated. It is not uncommon, for example, for large commercial projects in the Bay Area to require millions of dollars in fees and several months of lengthy plan check reviews.

Due Diligence
Gathering relevant and reliable infomation.

Fee Management
Understanding the structure and execution.

Navigating the process for you.

Knowing the current status

Utility Planning
Knowing the current status

Permit Expediting
Facilitating the permit process.

Knowing the status from start to finish

Closeout & CofO
Completing projects ontime and error free.

Our Rock Stars

Joanne Park has led Architectural Dimensions’ Agency Management Practice since 2011. Joanne oversees entitlements and permitting for all projects. She cut her teeth navigating California’s complex regulatory world by being responsible for over 200 permits and approvals from jurisdictional bodies such as BCDC, RWQCB, Army Corps of Engineers, and Cal-trans for the Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Project.

Agencies have become one of the primary factors of a project’s feasibility and Joanne’s early involvement is key. She identifies potential hurdles a project may encounter in terms of zoning requirements, public infrastructure improvements, exorbitant impact fees, local politics, and community issues impacting budget and schedule. Joanne’s work goes beyond permit expediting; she has developed relationships with key agency staff throughout the Bay Area and is experienced with navigating environmental reviews (CEQA), negotiating million-dollar impact fees, and ensuring compliance with mitigation measures and conditions of approval.

Dominic Dutra joined Architectural Dimensions in 2017 after several years working as a law clerk and attorney. His role as Assistant Project Manager has included oversight of the construction administration process, managing AD’s administrative team, and managing AD’s relationships with clients, consultants, vendors and agency representatives. He has grown into a more focused role with Agency Management, where his legal acumen and experience are a natural complement to navigating the rigors of municipal zoning regulations, permitting requirements, and guiding our clients down the unpredictable road to project approval. His ability to analyze code, liaison with city officials and effectively translate regulatory obstacles to clients has made him a valuable asset for the Agency Management team.