The number of moving parts involved in any one construction project in the Bay Area are nearly innumerable, and, if handled incorrectly, can cause your project to get off-schedule and -budget. Just one wrong-decision can mean the difference between an on-time project and hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. AD’s team of construction managers and administrators understand the challenges associated with providing construction management/construction administration (CM/CA) services on Bay Area projects, and they have the experience, know-how, and abilities required to get things done.

We provide a complete suite of construction management, construction administration, contract administration, and project controls services that keep projects on track, keeps contractors focused on construction, and leaves owners feeling secure in the knowledge that someone with the necessary technical competence and resources is looking out for their investment. Our demonstrated experience managing, coordinating, and documenting the construction of over 200 local projects speaks for itself, and has included everything from new restaurants and office remodels, new hotels and resorts, and public works efforts, all the way to historic restorations and multi-million dollar industrial mega-projects.


  • Construction Administration
  • Pre-Construction Coordination
  • Bid Support
  • Bid Package Analysis
  • Cost Estimate Review
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Document Control
  • Permit Coordination
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Data/Report Tracking
  • Contract Management/Compliance
  • QA/QC Review
  • Contractor/Consultant Coordination
  • Lender Coordination
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Field Inspections
  • Special Inspection Review
  • Project Close-Out