We know that regulatory compliance doesn’t end with CEQA and NEPA. Other regulatory requirements such as permitting and mitigation compliance extend through both design and construction. AD works collaboratively with our clients through all phases of project delivery to implement solutions that can avoid or minimize impacts to the natural, social, and built environments. Our Agency Managers help owners navigate agency requirements and regulations, including the identification of requirements, developing budgets and schedules, utility company coordination, and monitoring each permit’s progress from beginning to end .

Our team’s many strengths include the ability and insight to develop effective strategies to expedite entitlement clearances, the knowledge of how to best present projects for gaining consensus on reasonable impact mitigation measures, and the experience to support projects with strategies that facilitate permitting and ensure compliance with all regulations, codes, and ordinances.


Our proven approach to managing the entitlement and permitting processes focuses on providing the appropriate resources (people, budget, and scheduling management tools) to successfully keep projects on time and on budget.

We review available data, such as General Plan documents, zoning maps, and reports on land rights, permitting, and engineering requirements to provide a comprehensive assessment of your project’s needs, and to make sure that all applications are error free.

Our experienced agency management professionals manage the submission of all necessary forms and documentation for each application; identify, negotiate, and process the related fees; and closely monitor the progress of each one.

We believe in being proactive, rather than reactive. As such, we continuously follow-up with approving agencies, examining any objections, issues, or concerns they may have so that your project stays on schedule.

Following construction completion, AD will prepare and submit all necessary sign-offs and paperwork to complete project close-out


  • Zoning Reports
  • Land Rights Reports
  • Permitting Reports
  • Engineering Reports
  • Regulatory Risk Factor and Variable Identification
  • Schedule and Budget Development
  • Project Document Review
  • Agency Fee Identification/Negotiation
  • Permit/Entitlement Acquisition
  • Permit/Entitlement Approval Monitoring
  • Permit Compliance Monitoring
  • Bid Management/Assistance
  • Products and Systems Identification
  • Green Building and LEED Services
  • Document Control
  • Leasing, Legal and Financial Support Documents

Project Types

Agency Management is a service applicable to virtually any phase of any engineering or architecture project, including:

  • New Buildings
  • Highways/Roadways
  • Bridges
  • Transit Systems
  • Freight Rail Projects
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Maritime Projects
  • Waterfronts
  • Commercial Land Development Projects
  • Transit-Oriented Development Projects
  • Parklands
  • Design-Build Projects