It is all about management of every aspect of a project – conducting the orchestra while continuously reporting back to the Owner. In the Project Management role, we represent the Owner during the entire development process to drive the tasks of many entities required to build a project, even if we are not the architect of record. Constant drive to ensure performance of thousands of details is essential to achieve the end results. Ongoing quality control through document review and inspection eliminates omissions and errors in the most volatile, expensive phase of the project – construction. We fill the void of in-house development expertise, allowing owners to focus on business operations.


  • Plan check drawings
  • Review proposals
  • Analyze costs
  • Ensure completion of tasks and issues
  • Critique design and offer alternative suggestions
  • Constantly revisit program, budget, schedule
  • Ensure extraction of data for long term facilities management
  • Inspection of work, delineate corrections, verify completion
  • Being the filler and backup to all consultants, contractors, vendors and the owner
  • Advise Client on all matters of development