When dealing with projects that frequently involve millions of dollars, it’s vitally important to maintain accurate, easily accessible, and complete documents and records of every project element. Furthermore, management of a project doesn’t end after construction. Once a property is built, it can be difficult to track the needs of every nut and bolt that might need replacing. We found that many of our clients were spending considerable man-hours and using multiple, unconnected systems to track the needs of various building systems over the continued lives of their facilities.

AD’s dedication to helping our clients maintain the futures of their projects led to the development of COLLAGE™, a proprietary software that can help you track and manage the operations and maintenance requirements of your buildings and facilities for the rest of their lives. Our document control team uses COLLAGE™, to create information databases that can easily track, file, and manage every piece of project-related data, from inception through the life of the project, and it’s incredibly easy to use!


COLLAGE™ is a proprietary database tracking tool, developed by Jim Heilbronner, that is capable of connecting every phase and facet of your project to the rest in a centralized location. Based on Microsoft Access root relational database technology, this powerful organizational tool allows access to an infinite amount of information and documents related to your project, eliminating the need for research, retrieval, and recreation of data. Every piece of information related to agency, project, construction, and document management is both totally secured and completely accessible to you in seconds.

In addition to using it to track every AD project internally, online access to COLLAGE™ can be shared with team members during an ongoing project, and complete databases released to the owner upon project close-out. This allows clients to continue tracking and responding to the needs of their projects even after the project is complete. Furthermore, COLLAGE™ can be fully customized to include specific information that is unique to your program or project. AD also offers licensing, staff training, and in-house database set-up services for clients who are looking for a dynamic and connected method of tracking project-related information.


  • Database Creation
  • Database Customization
  • Database Transfer
  • Server/Cloud Hosting Set-up
  • Collage Training
  • License Purchasing
  • In-house Set-up
  • Trouble-shooting