The market in Oakland is expanding. From investors in southern California to developers around the bay area, a growing number of people are interested in seeing our city thrive again. BART and 880 changed the dynamic of Broadway and West Oakland in a way that turned out to be detrimental to Oakland. But what do we do about it? How do members of the community speed up revitalization? It starts with getting like-minded people in the same room. People who can invest in creating desirable real estate in our city. Architectural Dimensions has been involved in the resurgence of Downtown Oakland for years. With projects like the Fox Theater and Rotunda building restorations, we have seen our city begin to flourish.

Fostering a Growing Market

We are excited to announce our partnership with Why Oakland Commercial Real Estate Meetup. Why Oakland is a networking group that is focused on learning and sharing commercial real estate opportunities in Oakland. As their partner, we host the monthly meetups in one of our high-tech conference rooms. If you’ve never been to our office, you’ll see we have plenty of room to accommodate any number of guests. Each month will have a unique topic targeted at being the networking catalyst for commercial real estate growth in Oakland. If you are an investor, broker, builder, contractor, developer, business owner, landlord, lender, attorney, CPA, financial manager or just curious about the real estate opportunities in Oakland this meetup is for you.

We encourage you to visit the Why Oakland website. There is a wealth of information about the Meetup as well as upcoming events, partners of the group and membership. Meetings fall on the third Wednesday of every month, with coffee and pastries provided. The kickoff event just wrapped up featuring Architectural Dimensions founder and president, Jim Heilbronner. As always Jim had great insight into the current state of Oakland and will be featured as a returning speaker at future events. As part of the Why Oakland plan, each event will be recorded in a webinar type format to help disseminate each meetups content. We look forward to seeing you in our office and helping us grow the Why Oakland Commercial Real Estate Meetup.

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